Top Notch Custom Made Jewelry

When it comes to best quality services regarding designing and manufacturing a custom made jewelry we are the best. This is because our team is highly skilled in design associated programs, and our technicians provide the best stone cutting services in the state.

No matter how crazy your idea look like, we can do it. Start by sending us your contact info and the desired product. We will take it from there. Our team will maintain constant communication with you. This way we can make sure that we didn’t do anything without advising with your, as our client.

First thing’s first

Starting with the design itself we make it our business that everything goes accordingly and that you get what you wanted. This is why our team will have a talk with you to understand the idea. Next to the information and picture you’ve provided we also constantly make sure that we are on the right path by communicating with our clients. This is an important part as customers are our top priority. Once the picture and needed information are sent to us, we can start with the process. Our team of graphic designers will quickly make a virtual version of what you want. This way you can see what you imagined before we even create it.

Waxing process

After we are positive that the current design is what you really want to see on your finger as the final product, we start with wax models. This only elevates the precision levels, making sure that the customer gets exactly what they want. So next to sending pictures of design progress, we also send pictures.

Wax jewelry is made in the same way as the real ones are. The only difference is the material use. We use top quality jewelry wax carving to create small replicas of what you want on your or your spouse’s finger.


Wax Modeling

Once we are done with modeling, we create a wax modeled piece that represents the exact model that we will use to make your piece of jewelry. Once your waxing model has approved it goes to wax modeling area. There our team of jewelers will convert it into a beautiful jewelry piece. Waxes are placed on a screw and material called “investment” is used to create a mold. After several hours in the oven, the wax melts out of the investment allowing us perform the lost wax casting.

This creates the hollow mold that we need to replace it with the real precious metals and pieces of gems. Now gold or platinum is melted at a precise temperature to match the “investments” one. This way there is no room for mistakes, and you get exactly what you want. So as you have seen the process from an idea to sketch, and from sketch to a real deal is separated by mere hours. Your idea becomes our obsession as we will work until it becomes a perfect piece of custom made jewelry.