Best Custom Made Moissanite Rings

When talking about the best possible custom moissanite ring services you can not afford to bypass us. We are a small but successful company that focuses on creating and manufacturing custom made moissanite engagement rings and jewelry. With our state of the art technology, we can make anything possible. You just need to provide the initial idea of what you want your ring, necklace or any other piece of jewelry to look like. The rest is up to us, and we can assure you that satisfaction is guaranteed.

From Paper to Gem

Once you contact use, you will start to enter a short conversation with one of your designer. Making it right in the first place is the most important step, so we want to make sure that we get it right. After you’ve successfully implanted your idea into our designers head, we can start with the process of graphic creation. Every step that our graphic designer make in CAD, is monitored by our staff that is in constant communication with you as our client. So after we create something that is worth seeing, we will send you the picture so you can confirm. Confirming that what you see in the picture is how you want the final product to look like sends us to the next step in the custom jewelry creation process.

Wax Models

Once we have a sketch of what we need to create it goes to the waxing area department. Here our professional team of wax jewelers will create 1:1 proportion replica that is also sent to you if you are unable to visit our offices. If you’re interested in learning about jewelry wax modeling, we highly recommend Jewelry Wax Modeling (for Rings), Book for both apprentice and veteran wax modelers.

After yet another confirmation that the wax replica is what you want to see on your finger, we can start with creating a mold. To do this, we are using a special resilient material called “investment.”

Making the Investment

Creating a mold is the last part of the actual manufacturing of the custom made jewelry starts. The first step is covering the wax model with “investment.” Both wax replica and investment are then heated so that the wax melts. This way we get a mold. This mold will be filled with gold, silver or platinum. The tricky part is melting these precious metals to match the temperature of already heated investment mold.

After we set the temperature right, the metal is poured into the mold. This concludes the stage of jewelry manufacturing. The final product only needs to be fine-tuned and polished. After it cools down of course. What makes this process so great is the fact that there is literally no room for mistake. From pen and paper to a finished product we make sure that every piece of an inch is precisely transported to the next phase of the design process.

Now you know how is it that we create that perfect custom-made engagement ring, you can place our trust in us. Find out why thousands recommend our services and why we are one of the best jewelry companies. View samples of our custom moissanite engagement rings at