Custom Made Jewelry

Have you ever thought about having a jewelry custom made? You might have some gemstones to use; maybe you want to redesign your old ring, or maybe you need a wedding ring to go to go with your ring. Perhaps even you have a lot of jewelry back home, and you want to combine it into something unique.

So let’s see how easy it is to create your own design that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. Something that has your artistic taste, and still fits the price range. Whether it’s a twist on something traditional and conventional, or a crazy idea you’re not even sure it’s possible we got you covered.

We Love a Challenge

Whatever the case is we’re up to it. We can make everything. We use the most advanced state of the art jewelry design software in the business. Along with state of the art wax mills, 3D printers and growers to ensure that your jewelry is as perfectly made as possible.

Newer before were clients able to work directly with the designer in molding and shaping your dream into a finished piece of jewelry. You imagine it we’ll create it, it’s that simple.

Other services

We also offer free design services to help bring your ideas to life. With advances technology and digital imaging you, as a client, are actually able to see the finished product before we even begin making it. This enables you to easily make modifications you want to with the design with no additional cost. Our professional design services are unique within our business.
Sometimes you know exactly what you want and sometimes you need a little design help. You may work with some of our talented staff or with the person in charge for the whole operation. But the point is this-you don’t have to be a jewelry designer to design your own wedding ring. Leave that to us and us alone. We can show you all kind of possibilities.[/themify_co2]


Creating the Idea

Creating your idea is easy. We can use your idea to do a rough sketch until we finish the design or we can create some design ideas for you. Along with our idea, we will also provide an estimated price. This way you will know if you can afford it, and we will know if we should continue with the production or not. Once we are sure about the design, it’s recreated using CAD technology. This enables no only incredibly precise models but also allows endless possibilities to the design. Our rendering program converts the model into life-like images for your approval. If changes are needed the model is modified and new images are resubmitted.

So as you can already see we take pride in what we do and that’s why we are one of the best custom made companies. There is no need for hesitation, visit us today and get that idea out of your head and on to your or your loved one’s finger.