Custom Jewelry Design

Most people look at the custom design as an option to make something new and completely different. Either for their future fiancé or a lover. It’s a great way to make something extra special. The custom design process is very rewarding. It leads you through several approval stages.

Taking a span of about four to six weeks where we fine-tune the design. This way we are making sure that every detail is absolutely perfect. Because of this turn-around time, it’s also good to plan ahead for any special piece.

How does the process start?

When a client orders for a specific piece of jewelry we start by creating custom pricing information for them. In order to accomplish this, custom design jewelry companies need to know few of the basic detail about the original idea. Things like what precious metal the clients want us to use, or should there be any precious gems in the piece.

Once they have these detail covered, they should be able to create accurate pricing information for clients to consider.

The most important part of the custom design process is creating the concept for the piece. It’s also incredibly fun. Sometimes the client will bring a sketch of what they want their future piece to look like. Other times they bring photos of other jewelry so that the designers get the picture of what they want. And sometimes they just bring a description of a style they want.

Leave it all to us

If you don’t exactly know what you want your piece to look like, we can help also. No matter what stage of the process you are at and figuring out what you need for your ring, we’ll be able to help there as well. If you need help visualizing your idea, we can help with this as well. Whether it’s creating sketches or digital mock-ups of the idea, there are certain tools we can use to combine them to get what you want.

Constant communication

After we combined several ideas, we can send you a photo in an email. Talking about what your jewelry will look like before the creation process even starts, is very important for us. We care about our clients, and every piece of jewelry we make is equally important as the next one. During the design process set in early stages, you will see the piece in progress.  This will usually be a view in a computer generated a program that creates a 3D model of the piece. Sometimes we can also hand-carve wax models so that you make sure that every detail is to your liking.

After you’ve completed your purchase with us, you will surely be most satisfied with the final product. We care about every client that contacts us, and we guarantee satisfaction. This is why we are recommended by many. Only top custom jewelry companies make it to the top. Priory of every successful one should be exactly this- client satisfaction.